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At Hanamikoji in Gion, Kyoto, there is a Japanese restaurant that is well-known only to those in the know.

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Gion Akishino is a Japanese restaurant that has been in operation for 28 years. This restaurant's concept is "Kyo-ryori (local cuisine of Kyoto) that is experienced with the five senses." We constantly deliver ingredients a little in advance of the season prepared skillfully so that our customers feel as if they are experiencing Kyoto outdoors while in the restaurant. We also place a focus on the bowls in which we serve our dishes. We believe that food is not experienced with just the mouth but together with the eyes and the atmosphere. We deliver dishes that we have placed great thought in to provide our customers with the ultimate experience while taking the season into account.

Enjoy different flavors and new emotions with each visit. We hope that you will experience Gion Akishino's kyo-ryori.

Our expert chef spares no time and effort preparing the dishes on our menu, making broth from kelp and bonito with water from Kyoto and using carefully selected seasonal ingredients such as fresh fish and vegetables from Kyoto. We do our utmost best to make you happy, and even if the same guests come on consecutive days, we will offer different menus on both occasions.

At our restaurant, can cater to the preferences, dislikes, physical condition, etc. of our guests. All of our staff is committed to hospitality.


Those cumulative steps taken one by one have resulted in Gion Akishino being here.

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Cumulative steps taken one by one have resulted

in Gion Akishino being what it is today.

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