(excluding tax and service charge.)
(excluding tax and service charge.)



(excluding tax and service charge.)

At Gion Akishino, please enjoy our hospitality where you can feel the seasons in everything, from the care given to the ingredients such as the seasonal fish and vegetables at all times, to the skipjack tuna harvested from the waters of Kyoto and our kombu broth, as well as in our tableware, furnishings, and skills fostered over many years.

Gion Akishino

Chief chef Masaki Goto

Aoi course of the month

An example of the Aoi course


Tsukidashi (Appetizer)

Wanmono (Soup)

Tsukuri (Sashimi)

Takimono (Simmered)

Shinogi (Light dish between courses)

Aburamono (Deep-fried dish)

Gohan (Rice dish)

Mizumono (Seasonal Dessert) 

List of sake

― Gion Akishino―

Kyoto, Higashiyama-ku, Gionmachi Kitagawa 279-11

(Hanamikoji Dori Tominagacho Higashi-iru)


Phone: +81-(0)75-525-3555

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